Before you register online,

know your class and level:


2-5 months old:  

Registration must be completed in person or by calling 530-759-1214.

6-36 months old:  

Register for Infant/Toddler.


3 years old:          

Choose 3-year Old.


4 years or over:    

Choose Standard Level 1-10. Review the levels and key skills below. Please keep in mind that we evaluate all swimmers during the first class to make sure each child is in the most appropriate group.


Level      Key Skills to Be Learned
Level 1   10 bubbles
Level 2   Front and back floats
Level 3   Front and back kickers
Level 4   Freestyle arms with good kickers
Level 5   Freestyle with side breathing
Level 6   25 yards freestyle, 15 yards backstroke, and treading water
Level 7   Endurance, breaststroke kick
Level 8   Endurance, butterfly and full breaststroke
Level 9   Elementary backstroke, side stroke, distance in all 4 competitive strokes
Level 10 100 IM, 300 yards of freestyle, 100 yards of backstroke