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A perfect pool for perfect practice

As Vince Lombardi said, "Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect." We agree, and that's why you'll start seeing our pool being set up in a very different way. Our new "short-course" practice days will allow our swimmers to really focus on stroke and movement at a time.

Many studies show that a skill executed a couple of times with lots of corrections (so it's close to "perfect") produces better results and more progress in less time. In weightlifting, this method is frequently referred to as "greasing the groove". A few deliberate, thoughtful moves done correctly - before fatigue sets in - go a long way to teaching a new skill.

Our upper level swimmers benefit from short, perfect practice when learning new strokes like butterfly and breast stroke. Shorter swims allow them to swim, receive feedback and reset - before getting tired and sloppy. For levels 4 and 5, this course allows for more technical drills like side-glide-kick, which are extremely beneficial, but very tiring to perform over long distances. We also want to empower our Levels 1-3 swimmers to get more distance and make more corrections before they have to stop and try again. Swimming the width of the pool is an exciting milestone for many of our littlest swimmers!

We'll be alternating "long-course" and "short-course" weeks going forward, and you'll be hearing much more about how this strategy will benefit our swimmers!

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