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The Mystery Flavor

The treat table is a highlight for many of our swimmers at the end of lessons. The shouts of "It's lollipop week!" can be resounding. If you don't already know, we rotate the "treat" our swimmers get at the end of the lesson: one week it's stickers, then tattoos, pencils, flower leis, and lollipops. Tiny little rewards at the end of a swim lesson, which might have been a little scary, or challenging, or just fun. Whatever the experience in the lesson, the joy of treat table is a constant.

Of course, some parents may say it's a constant source of strife, as they sometimes have to exert all parenting willpower and skill to keep their child from taking the entire basket. Or from painstakingly sorting through each treat to find the right sticker, lei color - or lollipop flavor. (Children learn a lot of life skills at swim lessons.)

By the way, when we say "lollipops," we mean Dum Dums. It's always Dum Dums. Why? Because they're really, really small. The maker of Dum Dums, Spangler Candy, totally gets the concept of appropriate serving sizes! And they come in so many flavors, every child can find their favorite. Even when they choose the Mystery Flavor.

We were recently delighted to find the answer to the age-old question of "What exactly is the Mystery Flavor?

If your child is one of our swimmers who gleefully exclaims, "I love the Mystery Flavor," now you know why it's so delicious! And parents, we know it's hard to keep repeating, "Take only one; we need to leave some for others," and sticking to it! But your children will eventually thank you, and WE thank and applaud you. So, feel free to take your own Mystery Flavor Dum Dum (or whatever is your favorite) when it's lollipop week!

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