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The season of giving

There's nothing cuter than watching a little one wrapped up in a hooded animal towel! We recently saw some particularly high quality towels from Zoocchini that we just had to add to our swim shop. Flowers, sharks and even an alicorn (that's a pony/unicorn/Pegasus in case you didn't know). Just in time for holiday giving, we're expanding the giving by donating the net proceeds of the towels to the Yolo Crisis Nursery.

Parents have been asking about wet/dry bags for swimsuits and gear, so we were thrilled to find some adorable patterns from Bumkins. In a similar holiday spirit, we're donating the net proceeds of these bags to Citizens Who Care.

Yolo Crisis Nursery and Citizens Who Care are two organizations that we believe provide valuable support services for families in our community, so we hope you take part in giving a gift that keeps giving to the community! Our season of giving will go through December 17.

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