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Pool time = unplugged time

Chances are: you're reading this on your cell phone. (Perhaps between Pokemon sightings!) If you keep up on on parenting blogs and resources, you've probably heard about the importance of reading, singing and talking to your young child. And how screen time should be limited - for all of us, not just children. But did you know about the hidden benefit of swim classes? 30 minutes of totally unplugged time!

With a baby, this one-on-one pool time is even more precious and valuable to your family's well-being. The motion a baby experiences in the pool is a first step towards a fit and active lifestyle - and it helps in early brain development. The freedom of motion a baby can enjoy in a pool is remarkable - water buoyancy helps our non-walkers move arms and legs with ease!

Enjoy every tech-free moment with your kids in the pool this summer. Smile, laugh and splash away as you enjoy the fact that even when the community pools close, you'll still have at least 30 minutes each week at SwimAmerica to get unplugged with your baby.

We have no plans to hide any Pokemons in the pool any time soon, so rest assured that your unplugged time at SwimAmerica is safe!

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