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Let's Talk Pool Pants

March is Pool Pants Awareness Month at SwimAmerica! To celebrate this little-known awareness month (that we just made up), all pool pants are 30% off! And we also just added a new style in bright pink, blue and green that features our logo. Adorable!

Why the attention on pool pants? Because cherry season is just around the corner, and all of us experienced parents know what happens when toddlers start eating lots of fresh fruit. Add in some warm water and physical activity to stimulate the body's digestive reaction, and yes, poop happens. That’s why a snug-fitting, reusable pool pant is CRITICAL to helping our pool stay healthy and safe. And it’s why we require all swimmers under 4 to wear pool pants, even if potty trained.

Pool pants are also known as swim diapers. We call them pool pants, because our "big kids" often don't wear diapers regularly anymore. Unfortunately, even the most potty-savvy youngster can still have an accident (especially in the pool during cherry season). However, pool pants are required swim equipment for all kids under 4, just like a towel and goggles. The good news is that pool pants can go underneath a swimsuit, and some swimsuits come with an integrated pool pant, so no one needs be the wiser that our littlest swimmers have a little extra protection...just in case!

Thanks to all our families for making sure all our little ones are wearing their pool pants, and take advantage of our sale to replace old, sagging ones or to stock up for summer!

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