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The view from the roof

It's amazing what happens when you look at something from a different persective. Recently I had the opportunity to go up on the roof to check out the skylights. Wow. Look at all the strange looking machinery and pipes and metal up here. Even though this is a part of SwimAmerica we never think about - and rarely, if ever, see - it's an important part of what we do.

And it made me realize how much goes on behind the scenes to make our program great.

Like training. Just this month, we're starting SwimU, a mini-workshop for our coaches to give them additional skills to better serve our swimmers. Today's topic is autism, with purposeful play, lifetime strokes, starts and turns to follow in coming weeks. And four of our seasoned staffers spent last Saturday earning their Site Supervisor certifications. The President of the American Swim Coaches Association presented during the morning, and afterwards they completed a lengthy test on stroke technique, communication, safety and protocol. Yes, our coaches know what they are doing!

Like our facility. Have you heard all the hammering behind the door next to check in? That's a construction crew working to create a new office for Miss Popcorn so that she has the right space to really manage and develop the best camps, parties and Kids Nights Out. Your swimmers only see the end result - super fun activities and enthusiastic staffers, but what you don't see is the months and months she spends planning and preparing the fun.

Like cleanliness. We always spend time over breaks cleaning mats, organizing and re-arranging. This year, we've raised the bar another notch by engaging a new partner to change out our entrance mats, disinfect our mops, and keep our bathroom soaps and supplies well-stocked.

Yes, I'm proud of SwimAmerica. Even the ductwork on the roof.

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