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Making new friends

Make new friends, but keep the old. This sentiment is especially true when it comes to swim coaches and your children's lessons. Our little swimmers get very attached to their "favorite" coaches. And we love that our coaches care enough to develop relationships with their kids; it's an important part of building the trust that's necessary to be a good swim instructor. But sometimes your child needs to see a new face - perhaps your regular coach is sick, or her college schedule changed. Or maybe your child advanced a level and needs a new class time. How can you help your child with this transition?

1) Your attitude can set the tone. Be positive! Don't assume that your child won't be happy with a new face. "I think you're going to really enjoy swimming with Coach Emily today; Coach Maria will be back next week."

2) Keep in mind that a new set of eyes can be really useful. Sometimes another coach will have a different perspective on how to help your child progress.

3) Every one of our coaches is well-trained in our curriculum, so all our lessons should be very similar in feel and format. Each coach brings a new personality and flavor, but what they teach at each level and lesson are based on a prescribed SwimAmerica curriculum. Also know that when a coach needs a substitute, he's required to provide notes and plans for the covering instructor.

As one little girl shared today, "A new coach is kind of like the first day of school; I'm kind of excited and nervous!"

Certainly, we like to maintain consistency as much as possible - schedules are designed to stay the same for 10-week blocks throughout the year. But thanks for helping us making unexpected change a positive experience for your child!

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