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I'm not a coffee drinker, but I just can't pass up my hot cocoa no whip from my favorite local coffee house. YUM! Yet, one of our staffers often proclaims. "I brew my own coffee. Going out for coffee is just too expensive!" Yet she happily shells out $25 for a pedicure on a regular basis. My own daughter recently deliberated if a new poster for her bare dorm room wall was too much of a splurge for her monthly budget. Indulgence? Or necessity? We all have our own budgets and spending priorities. When it comes to our kids, it's no different. We're fortunate to live in a community where most families consider a healthy breakfast and properly fitting shoes necessities for our kids. It's the music lessons, summer camps, hobbies and sports that can wreck havoc on our monthly budgets. And what about swim lessons? Indulgence or necessity? Most parents would agree that keeping kids safe is never an indulgence. Learning to swim is one skill that can one day save your life and offers a lifetime of fitness and fun; I say it's an investment!

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