New Family Information

Now that you've given your child the gift of safety, fun fitness, what's next? Here are some helpful tips to get you started:


  • Download, sign, and bring the Waiver  and Payment Option Form if you haven't already completed them.

  • Don't forget your towel and goggles--goggles are necessary equipment (we have extras)!

  • For health reasons, all swimmers under 4 must be "double diapered", even if potty trained.


  • Check-in at the front desk. Your child will get a colored wrist band to indicate their lesson location in the pool.

  • Our Family Changing Room is to the left of the pool. Cubbies and hooks are available for clothes and towels. Please DO NOT leave items in the changing rooms during the lesson.

  • The Site Supervisor will call children in when it's time for lessons to begin.

  • We require parents to stay in the facility during the lesson. Why? Click here for more on your very important role in teaching your child to swim.


  • Your child will exit the pool to the shower area. Meet your child there with a towel, a hug, and a high five!

  • Please limit shower time to a brief 2-minute rinse so that all swimmers get a turn (and to help conserve water).

  • Visit the Treat Table on the way out. Each week features a new treat: tattoos, stickers, and sometimes candy! If you ever prefer an alternate, please tell a staff member. 

  • Feel free to play in the FishBowl Play Space with your child before or after your lesson!