Children 3 and Up

Developed by swim coaches, our children's program is technique-driven with defined goals and objectives. 30 minute lessons are offered weekly all year long. From blowing bubbles to swimming all 4 competitive strokes, children are rewarded for their efforts every stroke of the way! 


Because 3-year-olds require more attention than older children, we group them in classes of 2 children per instructor. 3-year-olds learn our Level 1, 2 and 3 skills through age-appropriate purposeful play and songs. 

Currently, this Level is not being offered. We do have a Parent Lead 3-year-old class that is designed to guide Parents/Guardians through our specially curated 3 -year-old program. Give us a class to register! 

Standard Levels 1-10

Children ages 4 and up enroll in our standard Levels 1-10 lessons. Children are placed in groups of 2 - 4 students based on their skill level. Each group may include 2- 3 levels, so children don't always change groups when they advance levels.

Ask about our 45-minute Stroke School class for Levels 8+. 

Special Abilities

Children with a variety of special abilities including autism, physical difficulties, and sensory challenges benefit from our Swim Angelfish-certified Special Abilities classes.

This program is currently on hold until such time we can coach safely. 

Call us for more information 530-759-1214