Frequently Asked Questions about AquaFit


Is AquaFit a swimming program for adults?
AquaFit is a group Aquatic Fitness Program for Adults and Seniors.  It is not a swimming class, it's a physical fitness class performed in the water.

My doctor has prescribed swimming for me. Can I swim during the AquaFit class?
The AquaFit class is specifically a group exercise class.  All participants perform the program the instructor is presenting on that day.
This multi-level class can be performed by participants with special needs and is also appropriate for advanced level participants.  Our certified instructor facilitates the class with appropriate modifications for those who want more OR less intensity during all exercises and activities.

I have asthma, and my symptoms worsen when I exercise in a hot and humid environment.  Is it OK for me to join AquaFit?

It's best to consult your physician before starting any exercise program.  SwimAmerica's pool temperature is 90 degrees and the air temperature is also 90 degrees.  We have some participants who bring their inhalers to the pool in a ziplock bag (on the deck) to help control their exercise induced asthma.  

My doctor and PT simply want me to water walk in warm water. Can I do my own workout during AquaFit if I stay in my own spot?
The AquaFit class is a Group exercise program.  The class participants use the entire pool during the hour long class.  No other programs, classes or individuals are in the pool during the AquaFit class.

I use a wheel chair to move around and need help getting into the pool.  Can you put me into the water with a lift?
We have a lift at SwimAmerica. We do not use the lift for the AquaFit classes, but you may have a trained caregiver, therapist or family member assist you with the lift for pool transfer. Otherwise, AquaFit participants must be able to descend and ascend the pool steps independently with use of the pool's stationary hand rails. Additionally, you may attend class with their aide or attendant as long as the attendant and class participant are involved in the AquaFit activities of the group. We have Therapy Swim times that you can set an appointment to use the pool for specific therapy needs with your own attendant.

Do I need to arrive early on my first day of class?

Yes, on your fist day, it is helpful if you could arrive 20 minutes early to sign up, get to the changing area and proceed to the pool's waiting area where the your instructor will meet you before class begins.  This is very important.  The instructor will introduce herself and explain the safety points you'll need to know about entering and exiting the pool safely.  You'll also have the opportunity to meet other AquaFit class members who will be seated outside the pool area.